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Who is Neil Perry?


Neil Perry is a fictional character from "The Dead Poets Society". Popular among his peers, his dream was to be an actor, but was forced into the medical field by his father. Unable to stand up to him, he eventually commits suicide.


I believe there are several Neil Perrys in this world because I was one of them. Maybe you're not governed by your parents, or bound by any circumstances but for some reason, you are afraid to change, to go for what you want or worse - be honest with yourself. 

This space is a place for me to express my thoughts, and I hope that through reading them, perhaps you'll realise you're not alone in your struggles or that it's actually not so bad to just speak your mind, write about your feelings, or sing through your emotions.

To have emotions is a strength, not a weakness.



What I Do.

What I Carry @Faireleatherco

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